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    Roused by the angry uproar of the dogs, a tall, round-shouldered individual appeared in the doorway. He had a melancholy cast of face which was intensified by the lank black hair which hung upon his shoulders. Indeed, the man looked more like some street preacher than a

  • 黑人专题亚瑟yase999

    suspect with a record of crime behind him. But the eyes were shrewd enough, and so was the smile with which Perks greeted Venables when the latter disclosed his identity. "Ah, well, you was always one for your little games, sir," he said. "Take care of that dog for


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you? Of course I will. And a rare beauty he is. Is there anything else, gentlemen?" "No," Venables explained. "Mind the dog is for sale if anybody asks questio

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ns. You have had him for some time, and you want a big price for him. Maybe we shall be able to find a job for you after dark tonight, but as to that I can say no

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thing for the present. At any rate, there is a five-pound note for you so long as you are discreet and silent. I suppose I can come into your house and write a le

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